The clouds darken
Future laden with trials in a blessing
God still above
Sending warm provision
Shelter suffices
I can rest in His comfort
Pending storm unstoppable
My strength comes from Him
Unknowns darken my view
Study His light. eyes focus. heart lightened.

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1 Response to Homefront

  1. idelette says:

    Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for visiting my blog … Your words had me tearing up. The hunger. The seeds of Beauty all there. I wanted to visit your blog and see what you mean by “international.” I’m so curious where you are living? I used to live in Taiwan for several years … your photos seem “familiar” and yet I am not quite sure. Especially your staircase image. Eerily familiar. I would love to know more of your story, but couldn’t find your “about.” So, I’ll just leave a comment and ask my questions.

    Lovely to e-meet you.

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