I fear my own hope.
So many times dashed.
Your faithfulfulness is beyond circumstances.
And still I am so swayed.
Sitting painless. Dancing fetus baby.
Fan & coffee.
Journal & Bible.
Clean home. Clean laundry.
Food for breakfast. Sleeping littles.

This is a happy moment.
May my peace come from You, not these
Kind gifts you bestow.

Hope in Your unfailing love. In Your character.
Home from Your hand on my life, my heart, since age five.

Enjoy these good gifts. Guilt-free & grateful.

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1 Response to Hope

  1. Stephanie Holderread says:

    i resonate with: “May my peace come from You, not these
    Kind gifts you bestow.” When His provision comes and a calm washes over me, it’s mixed with self-contempt because I want my peace to only come from who He is, not what He gives…and yet I also don’t want to ruin the giving He’s doing…I want to delight fully in His gift without any struggle. I want to purely receive and be thankful….because what if that’s what He intended?…that His gift would come with a calm that washes over me?

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