she told me that once when she was young ‘they’ had approached her mother saying, “we see you are poor and hungry. you have 5 daughters. give us 1 or 2, and you can improve your life”

her mother refused. outright. no. “my daughters have value.”

an elderly foreign man wanted her daughter. he was offering to marry her and take her to his land. ‘they’ said “do this. your daughter will have money and you will not want in your old age.” she declined. she knows that her daughter has value. dignity above being a pawn for the family.

“Dom.lie” we say here. Literally it denotes price. I use it in the market to ask what an item will cost?

Worth. Value. Dignity.

A heritage we each have received from our Father. Not barter-able. Given in our essence. Un-earned. The price woven in and then paid.

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